A project made with Inna Soboleva (RU) and Natalia Lazarshivili (GE)

Prototyped layout of POINT.FILM.FEST website


Fictional online festival created to promote discussions regarding the post soviet union era. The goal of the event is to collect short mute movies from video makers around the world, expressing their own point of view about the past changes and paths taken by the countries after the collapse. People in Soviet area learnt how to be silent, but still show their standpoint.

Separated, but somehow together. Each country possesses its own features and unique cultural traces, even though it was all built under the same soviet structure. Their union was based on the balance of the positive and negative sides and still remains under discussion these days. The project was meant to bring these unique impressions inside out, exposing the truths, tearing down stereotypes.

 Main criterias of the festival:

• Duration: from 5 sec till 120 sec
• Silent film. But acceptable: short sounds, music, etc.
• Age of participants is not limited
• High quality resolution
• Not allowed to use elements of advertising
• Means of expression, scenario and movie design totally dependent on the choice of the author

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