A project done in a tech-collaboration with RedRabbit 


In Nanjing, Siemens built a new factory with the distinctive design/operation concept with the full range of digital enterprise technologies along with the product design, production planning, and other services. all these siemens requested to showcase to its visitors through the fast and educational experience.

Siemens requested to create an experience for the factory visitors that provides a better understanding of the factory digital twin with its complex processes in a gamified way, educates guests on the unique products development, helping by this the factory to faster explain its market advantage and to convert visitors into the future clients.

First, research and study of the factory’s benefits and visitors’ needs were done. Was important to identify:
– the factory main production stages and their advantages;
– latest technology and trends scan;
– potential clients’ needs.
Then, at the ideation stage, all insights were digested, followed by the main experiences conceptualization phase. Through several iteration sessions with the client, a factory tour first-draft overview experiences were designed.

As a final solution, these experiences lead to becoming an interactive table – a digital factory model where the visitors can explore all processes, learn about its benefits, check digital twins and navigate through the digital factory even before the tour start. All experiences can be activated by using the table’s touch-screen surface and tokens with a magnifying glass to reveal additional content, play build-in games, and check other designed interactions.