TENET project made with Caroline Woortmann Lima (BR).


It could be said that any person in order to feel satisfied, would not necessarily need to eat – we might only need the pleasure and emotions received from food and its rituals.

The pleasure of eating is connected to our mechanisms of perception with the traditional classification of the five senses: sight, smell, taste, touch and hearing. Each of the five senses consist of interactions between organs with specialized cellular structures that have receptors for specific stimuli. These cells have links to the nervous system and thus to the hypothalamus part of the brain.

A restraint on physical hunger could be achieved depending on the accurate impacts of certain receptors (blinding the sight – to concentrate on a “food” experience, providing the right smell, stimulating the bitter, sour, sweet or salt-tasting areas on the tongue, playing accompanying music and stimulating the area on the hand linked to the hypothalamus). In consequence, such food simulation is purely ritualistic, we avoid ingesting extra calories, chemicals, obesity and step back from all unnecessary stimuli while still retaining a very personal and highly pleasurable experience of eating food.

Project full version – download TENET (process and explanation)